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Trust and confidentiality

My Study My Way has been created to assist in the provision of self help and support services to make your time at university or college as successful and enjoyable as possible. The aim is that you will feel supported in your studies, be confident about the culture, how you fit in with other students and the general conditions at your place of study so you are able to perform at your best.

These adjustments may be as simple as providing lecture materials in advance or more substantial adjustments including provision of specific software or study support to meet your needs. My Study My Way helps you identify these needs and signposts what to do next.Image depicting trustworthy data collection and security

Everyone has their own unique strengths and difficulties but for many people, starting a conversation about their needs can be a little scary and that's why My Study My Way exists. It allows you to think about things that you might find challenging or are worried about and find out in confidence what support is available for you. It provides a personalised action plan that guides you towards self help resources or suggests you take action to access support services where relevant.

The information is treated with respect and stored confidentially outside of the organisation on secure servers. You can choose if you want to share any of your personalised action plan with staff to support discussions about your needs.  

If you are using an institution specific version of My Study My Way the anonymised information from student profiles is only ever used to inform the university or college about the needs of the student body to guide them in staffing support services and making provision to create an inclusive learning environment. The more your place of study understands this, the more options they can explore to improve the learning experience for everyone.  If you have any concerns about what My Study My Way is for and how it is used, refer to the FAQ section of the site or email mystudymyway@abilitynet.org.uk