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My Study My Way invites you to take an active role in ensuring you get the most from your study experience. Its focus on key areas  enables you to quickly identify areas where you may find you are struggling and, more importantly, signposts you to the relevant information and support. 
Once you have registered with the My Study My Way portal and created your first profile, you can come back at any time to change your details, edit your profile, or create a new one as your circumstances change.
We know from experience that often prior to completing a profile you may not have thought about how things are impacting you and the realisation that support is available comes as a real relief. Or maybe you'll find some ideas that might help you achieve even more!

How do we help you?

My Study My Way asks you questions about the following areas. Your answers are used to create a personalised action plan that provides you with information to help yourself; study tips, free or low-cost software, all the way through to signposting resources and support services that are available at your place of study.

  • About Me

  • Study Skills

  • Technology

  • Study Space

  • Social Life

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